Haiku on a Bus

I was riding the bus home from school yesterday, Friday. It was packed with the usual assortment of Korean high school students, all heavily made up in the same shade of red lip stain, black eyeliner, and self-satisfaction. These bus rides are times when I look around with a distinct feeling of remoteness, clinging to a handhold and taking in the miniature tableau of the bus. The weather has been very grim recently, as the clouds of pollution hang low over a dull and tired-looking land which seems to be making a silent, Herculean effort to don the garb of spring. This and the predictable seasonal cold have caused my mood and life to be physically darker of late. However, strangely, though I don’t remember seeing the sun, I spotted a Korean grandma facing the window and trying to keep her balance, as a warm little piece of sunlight illuminated her face. And while there are countless better haikus in the world, here is the one that came to me.

Golden sunlight shines

On a stranger’s face perfect

Love reflected there