Life Partner

My path is alight
with the promise of finding you,
Love, my only truth.
I feel now the same way
I will feel ten years after
our life splendid life ends.
When I visit you
under an oak tree,
and brown acorns
crunch beneath
my weary soles.
Aloneness still tastes sour
on my tongue,
like it did before we met,
but now my throat constricts around
the sweet lingering taste
of endless love
coursing through all my arteries,
an eternal network of tributaries,
a tribute to our monumental love.
We were heroes, love.
Heroes to love.
Returning triumphant again and again,
to that river of life
by which we planted our life.
I love you now
as much as I ever will,
as much as I ever did.
It’s alive in every beat,
animating this fragile, uplifted heart.
Distilled in every tear
I loose from my cheek
while I wait for you.
I don’t know
the freckles in your eyes,
color of your hair,
curl of your smile corner,
or how the veins spread
perfectly on the backs
of your hands.
But I know your soul-print.
I would recognize it anywhere because
Love is.
Right here inside my lungs,
I breathe you
into life