Mountain Bones

Mountain Bones

The mountains all over the world
are my bones
minerals, elements, stones
And the sky is my heart
The sky is my heart
My loss and my fears
oceans of grief embracing land masses

All these blank eyes I stare down into
Black wells deep and unfathomable as the
farthest reach of outer space
I’m only wondering, wandering, wandering
Where is home? Where are you, One
I’m only waiting for one; You.

skeleton of grit and mineral props up
a faltering, flickering spirit
I walk the spines of silent giants,
thoughts as unfathomable as time.

I thought I just needed something to do, someplace to go
But here, I found myself.
Some reason to keep waking, to keep walking
away from my shadow,
pinned to my heels

I think of Peter Pan in Neverland, never growing up or old
never growing though
I’ll keep my shadow, thanks

It’s skin, this shadow
It’s physical
Create me, contain me, liberate me crush me